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Artists, activists and impassioned comments | 12 comments
[new] distinction between academic and critical thinking (Avg. Score: 3.00 / Raters: 1) (#7)
by amyalexander on Thu May 8th, 2003 at 05:29:11 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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i think a distinction needs to be made. the idea is EXACTLY that there is not a bipolar dichotomy, but there's more than has been discussed. the words "academic", "intellectual", and "writer" are often used synonymously. they're not synonymous.

there's also a tendency - on both sides - to confuse posessing critical thinking skills with being an "academic." (i am not talking about on discordia specifically.) i think that's downright dangerous.

there are plenty of opportunites for critical discussion which don't rely on use of specialized jargon (academic or otherwise.) the suggestion that people consider more inclusive and varied forms of discussion is not a suggestion for abandoning critical thinking.

when i was a student, we were taught to make our writing simple, direct, and clear of jargon, lest it become a smokescreen to disguise muddy critical thinking. that's of course an oversimplification, but then again, we've all seen texts like this right?

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[new] absotively! (Avg. Score: none / Raters: 0) (#6)
by qpdoll on Thu May 8th, 2003 at 01:42:20 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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But like Brian says, we should not cast the bipolar dichotomy --language versus projects. This would reinforce the widespread idea of the inarticulate artist (as examplifying sufferer, loner, social odd-case) who can't think through her own practice or the world for that matter. There ARE artists who do great work and are articulate about it too. This format of the blog is great for concurring, discordant ways of articulation.

actually, that bipolar dichotomy and stereotyping is one thing that really gets me... of course we artists (and software-writing dolls) think through our projects! what would be the point of making them otherwise? however, as trebor points out, there are various styles of articulation. the point - as i see it, is that many folks aren't comfortable with longer, formal, academic writing - and feel uncomfortable inserting ourselves in a league where we might be shot down because we're not on par with others as wordsmiths. so we sometimes feel discouraged from discussing issues that affect us. (on the other hand, we can sometimes talk a blue streak about art or other issues - and then feel like the we're putting others off with shoptalk... )

what i think aileen and i are both suggesting, is that all this be recognized, and, as you point out, trebor, various types of communication be encouraged... taking advantage of a blog's ability to promote dialogues, informal writing, etc. but this should NOT be taken as an indication that artists (or software-writing dolls) are inarticulate and have nothing to say! it's exactly the opposite...

-Keep your head facing forward and keep reaching beyond your ears...

-qp doll

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Artists, activists and impassioned comments | 12 comments


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