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Do you feel the overload? | 5 comments
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by amy on Mon Sep 29th, 2003 at 12:06:27 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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as for graphics in email... i never switched to graphics, actually... still using text-based mail 99% of the time since 1993. it only sucks because the rest of the world doesn't share my opinion, and tend to mail things with important images or other formatting sometimes. hmm, oh yeah, images can contain important information, right... so it's hard to be too self-righteous about this. and i keep a webmail client around for such situations.

as for graphics in general - well, nobody likes slow websites of course. but as a dogmatic aesthetic device i don't agree anymore. i'm as big a command line geek as anyone, having used unix as my main OS since 1994. and text as an aesthetic is interesting at times - but i think it gets both dogmatic and monastic sometimes. we get enough dreary impositions into culture from the business world's move into all aspects of life, and the fact that the computer itself comes from the business world (think of how performative an experience laptop techno is, for example.)

graphics can be expressive and communicate in ways text can't - otherwise, why do we have drawing, painting, photos, film... why not just have books and other texts? they can also be emotional - i.e. "fun" - something we have learned from corporate/academic conditioning is somehow a bad thing.

and for those of us like me who find this an interesting cultural and aesthetic dilemma, a couple of my [shameless self-promotion] all-text projects: extreme whitespace and botimation and cyberspaceland.


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Do you feel the overload? | 5 comments


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