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[- arts/media convergence in Chicago

Author: julia gingerskipp

Where: Chicago, IL, USA Central

Topic: Version>04:invisibleNetworks Convergence
Keywords: Chicago, Invisible, Network, media, music, arts, festival, convergence, cultural, interference

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Chicago, IL

April 16-May 1, 2004

Version>04 is a hybrid form of festival, conference, arts fair and online project. The third annual Version convergence is an experimental approach at navigating the activities of emerging cultures that combine visual arts, activism, social practices, creative use of new technologies as well as tactics and strategies of intervention.

From April 16 - May 1, 2004 young artists, programmers, musicians, filmmakers, activists, indy media makers, designers, critical thinkers and culture workers of all kinds will converge in Chicago.

Over 250 artists and cultural producers from over ten countries in will participate in series of exhibitions, public art interventions, screenings, performances, demonstrations, and actions.

Over 200 projects and initiatives with over 300 participating artists are represented. The works and projects featured tackle issues relating to daily life to future trajectories of social, and cultural economies. Participants will ask and reveal: What is anti-corporate globalization? What is the movement of movements that is resisting corporate globalization? How does the public counter the corporate monopolization of information dissemination? How do artists map cartographies of power and creativity? What kind of music is emerging from the bedrooms of laptop-armed musicians? How do we explore urban geographies? How do artists develop tools for protest and direct action? How do programmers create social messages to share with the public via internet technologies? Can these technologies foster social change? How do we locate spaces that are open cultural nodes? How do artists use technologies to create new genres of documentation and narrative? How do we communicate to the public if public space is off limits? Can posters, stencils and posters and graffiti kick start public communication? How do we confront the surveillance society? In what ways do we share our parallel cultures to the public?

Featured during Version>04 invisibleNetworks:
- More than 250 artists from ten countries bring exhibitions, public art interventions, screenings, and performances to Chicago.

- 100 Selected video works and documentaries including The Corporation, The Fourth World War, Ice and other works in the Version_Screen festival portion of the convergence.

- Over 50 bands and performances of new and experimental music will be featured during the
Version_Sound festival portion of the convergence.

- Sixteen days of 24/7 low-power radio transmissions featuring works and programs form over 30 international audio artists, a dozen curators and local sound artists.

- Ten thematic cultural TV shows of experimental and short works on public television, Chicago Cable Access CAN-TV channel 21.

- Twenty workshops and presentations, panel discussions with 35 speakers in the fields of media and media arts, activism and new media to address the issues of invisibility and trajectories of art and intervention.

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WHAT: Version>04 invisibleNetworks Convergence
WHEN: Daily during the weeks of April 16 - May 1 2004
WHERE: Throughout Chicago, various venues and public spaces
HOW MUCH: Various, ranging from free to a sliding scale donation
FOR MORE INFO: Visit, phone: 773-837-0145, or e-mail: ed @

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Submitted by juliagingerskipp
Posted on Tue Apr 6, 2004 at 12:27 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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