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[- Vagamundo: A Migrant's Tale

Author: ricardo

Topic: mobile art project
Keywords: vagamundo, ricardo miranda zuniga, ricardo miranda

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Vagamundo: A Migrant's Tale

I live in a Puerto Rican and increasingly Mexican part of Brooklyn, in which the street corners are populated by home crafted food carts selling anything from flavored ice to tamales and corn on the cob. As I spoke with the street vendors, I discovered that in this neighborhood they could sell without a license, unlike in Manhattan. These are people who have entered and remained in the US illigally and don't speak english, so they have merely constructed their own economic means. My conversations with these vendors as well as my experience growing up between the US and Nicaragua, led to a project that I realized last year and have been exhibiting since, both on the street and with art space walls.

Vagamundo is a mobile public art project designed for on the street interaction to create temporary public commons. Through a mobile cart resembling an ice cream cart pedestrians are invited to play a video game that reflects the plight of illegal immigrants in New York.
The game can be played on line at:

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Submitted by ricardomiranda zuniga
Posted on Tue Jun 24, 2003 at 6:28 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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