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Author: jonCates

Topic: liken
Keywords: criticalartware, upgrade, version, pi, liken, liki, application, platform, discourse, cybernetic, cybernetics, Wiener, Norbert Wiener, feedback loop, paths, path, node, nodal, nodes, bi-directional, auto-link, algae, fungus, lichens, lichen, spore, open s

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after almost two years of development, criticalartware introduces liken, the new substructure of the criticalartware [application/platform].

liken stores criticalartware's growing database of information, resources + discourse as a collection of self-connecting nodes that anyone can add to [+/or] comment on. the pathways connecting these nodes slowly change based on use; more popular paths grow stronger, while weaker paths fade away. these relationships are also described in a public XML file, making it possible for anyone to develop alternate [interfaces/interpretations] of liken's unique + ever-changing content + structure.

liken departs from a hierarchical site structure which over-categorizes information, relinquishing some of the supremacy of "hard-coding" links between documents. part discussion platform, part [plastic/collaborative] site structure, + part [iterative/genetic] search engine, liken [encourages/necessitates] a more [subjective/personalized] form of navigation. unlike anonymous "browsing," the paths that liken users follow can be [stored/reviewed/discussed], + affect the structure of the [application/platform] itself, creating a [literal/cybernetic] feedback loop in which less-used paths wither away, well-used paths are strengthened, + entirely new paths grow + crisscross recursively in response to discussion + new resources. like lichen, itself a composite meta-organism resulting from the symbiotic growth of algae + fungus, liken's [form/structure/body] is [a/an] [product/agent] of criticalartware's resources that grows symbiotically with related discourses.

furthermore, by using a publicly-accessible XML file to describe these [pathways/relationships] of liken, criticalartware [invites/encourages] users to develop [alternate/critical/"new"] ways of [imagining/visualizing/navigating] liken's [pathways/relationships]. liken could easily be traversed as a 3D video game, a mindmap, a soundEngine, or a Flash animation. in this way, liken is the beta version of a criticalartware operating system, for which anyone can develop compatible [applications/

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Submitted by joncates
Posted on Fri Feb 20, 2004 at 6:31 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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