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[- peer-to-peer Computer Music broadcast

Author: Timothy Jaeger

Where: New York, New York, USA Eastern
When: Fri Jun 27, 2003 at 9:00 PM

Topic: whatever
Keywords: peer-to-peer, computer music, radio, broadcast,

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Timothy Jaeger presents:
"The Peers Are Alright"
Computer music radio broadcast - Friday, June 27, 9 - 10 PM
89.9 FM - Columbia University, NYC New Music Program "Live Constructions"
Webcast (Real)

The Peers Are Alright!

These 3 pieces composed for WKCR's Live Constructions program use only samples taken from Soulseek, a new file-sharing network, as a musical backdrop. In a "call and response" style, Soulseek users have contributed varied audio collages/mash-ups/mixes to me which are then triggered and played using Ableton's LIVE software. The goal of this project is to use peer-to-peer networks as a theatre of operations for activities other than the mere sharing and hoarding of files, but instead a chance to target individual users and investigate the creative transference of one medium (Internet/data) into another (radio). With interview.

Project Page

LIVE CONSTRUCTIONS is a weekly program hosted by Fernando Marulanda Rey featuring live in-studio performances from guest artists.
Previous guests have included: Merzbow, Pita, Farmer's Manual, Zbigniew Karkowski, John Duncan, and Yasunao Tone.

RSVP to tim jaeger by Wednesday, June 25 for casual drinks afterwards at:
Le Monde, 2885 Broadway (bet. 112th & 113th Sts.)

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Submitted by Timothy Jaeger
Posted on Sun Jun 22, 2003 at 6:23 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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