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[- Notes on Objective and Deficiency

Author: Stephen E Platz

Topic: Criticism
Keywords: art, intention

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What can we say about the productive nature of loss? In any case, the set of imagined terms manifest in our experiences of loss can only be a result of remembering and of correlation; where the facts of perception constitute a relation to a negative presence, indeed are a kind of specific presence in just the same way that memory relies on phenomenal cues for its happening, dependence here being the mode of phenomena to our remembering. Far from being a recapitulation: memory, in light of loss, is always something utterly new, albeit the very function that assures our place in history and our connection with similar places, times etc. For this reason we conversely assume loss to be negative, to be lacking with regard to possibility. Integral to this lack is the movement of intention, which supposes future outcomes on the basis of their relationship to comparable realized moments, the mediation between which solidifies our pursuit toward goals; yet, it remains transitory to our reflections if only because of its categorical subordination to ideas, to the before and after. Exploding an intention that is stuck between events – that necessarily works by combinations to produce pathways toward – a new view appears on the heals of loss without relation, an intention that is grounded in surface rather than structure: a direct contact with imagination becomes at once the seed and the fruit of occurrence.
The view is expressed here as a multifarious lineage, each discrete moment gratuitously connected to the former and the next. In this way its method approximates our ordinary perceptual apparatuses without challenging assumptions of time and distance, but concurrently presents these institutions as variable and at every point indiscriminate, intentionally manipulated from without. Now we necessarily refer to something other in order to consume experience as such: barring reference we are always touched immediately, but we cannot relate our experiences to ourselves -– we absolutely lack the tools needed for even the most cursory reflection – and face a loss. If we cannot say of each packet of knowledge that it is alone meaningful, then we are by default met with a relational alternative, the move from isolated surfaces toward surface structure. And here we have what can properly be called a theme; for the moment we recognize a saturation and shift we are set to loose the hic et nunc for purpose.
Oppose a single moment to the entire milieu whence it arose and a new life comes forward, one that neglects history and stasis for passage. Three levels of loss inform this division: each instant now resonates fully with the in-between occasion once forced into being by virtue of its juxtaposition among others, a silence so broad it expands past any limits it incurred while it remained contextualized. Silence is also spatialized in the mere recognition of its removal and a distance is then established; for what is obvious at first may not be the fact that we perceive a loss, the vanishing of visual information; it may only be a newly imagined surrounding solely appropriate to its exclusion. Finally, the loss is thematic, as we mentioned with regard to surface. Here it is an inscribed loss because our intention to derive, to appropriate at any cost what is given in order to establish concreteness, is associated at every pause by a reduction and a resulting manipulative strategy to spur imagination. Intentionality subsumes the immediate encounter and in so doing generates a basis for immediacy: every source for exposure is channeled toward its outcome, every niche filled for a lack of consistency in memory and desire.

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Submitted by StephenPlatz
Posted on Thu Oct 16, 2003 at 1:08 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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