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[- Introduction & invitation

Author: MariamGhani

Topic: open for questions
Keywords: new work, questions, histories

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Hello fellow Discordians,

Trebor suggested that I post this announcement about my ongoing web-based public dialogue project, Kabul: Reconstructions, by way of introducing myself to the community.

Kabul: Reconstructions is an audiovisual, communal, thematically focused weblog that explores the multiple meanings and resonances of the idea of reconstruction -- as both process and metaphor -- in the context of the city of Kabul. Version 2.0 of the site has just launched, with the new feature ASK A QUESTION, which acts as a vehicle for the transmission of questions and answers to and from Kabul -- taking advantage of and making public the private lines of communication to Afghanistan which are available to Afghan-Americans like me, and which can carry special kinds of privileged or hard-to-find information.

Anyone with a question about the reconstruction of Kabul or its context in the current situation or history of Afghanistan is invited to submit their question online.  Your question will then make its way to Kabul via me and the other weblog participants, who will do our best to bring your answer back to the site within two weeks.

Questions submitted before December 10th, 2003 will also help determine what video footage I will shoot and then add to the site during my trip to Kabul this winter, one year after I first visited and shot the three-channel experimental documentary that became the starting point of the project.

To submit your question, just go to this link and click on ASK A QUESTION.

You can access the audiovisual blog and discussion forum section of the site -- which is updated regularly, with new participants coming soon -- by clicking on FOLLOW THE INFORMATION from that same link. The information page also has documentation of the original presentation of the project at Exit Art last spring, where it was installed inside a replica of a UNHCR-issue refugee tent, and included a live public dialogue performance where once a week I served visitors tea and World Food Programme biscuits while answering their questions about Afghanistan.

Discordians are invited to submit questions to the site, to forward this invitation to anyone who might have an unanswered question about reconstruction, and to comment on the project here.


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Submitted by MariamGhani
Posted on Sun Nov 16, 2003 at 12:27 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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