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[- War & Media Conference

Author: Trebor Scholz

Topic: War & Media Conference
Keywords: media coverage of war

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War & Media Conference: Nov 17-18 2003

SUNY at Buffalo

Center for the Arts, Buffalo, New York 14260-6020
CFA 112
Nov 17, 2-5pm
Nov 18, 11-5pm

The University at Buffalo's Department of Media Study presents the War & Media Conference on UB's North Campus, Center for the Arts, Nov. 17-18: see website

This international conference confronts the relations between war and the media from an array of cultural, artistic, and academic perspectives—with a special focus on the media coverage of the recent war in Iraq. The two-day conference will feature three panel discussions, each of which will be composed of distinguished speakers from around the world presenting on issues pertaining to their specific areas of expertise.

SUNY Distinguished Professor Bruce Jackson will inaugurate the proceedings on Monday, Nov. 17, at 2PM with the introductory talk The Media at War: Bringing it all Back Home. Immediately following, Jackson will moderate the panel discussion Challenges of Covering the War in Iraq with journalists Jerry Zremski (Washington correspondent for the Buffalo News), Thomas Seifert (Austrian foreign politics correspondent), and Ian Kalushner (TV News producer for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) discussing their first-hand experiences of the war and their different ways, embedded or not, of reporting the conflict as well as the challenges they entailed.

The conference continues on Tuesday Nov. 18, at 11AM with the panel War and Media Resistance. Artist Trebor Scholz will present his hypermedia documentary project 79 Days, which examines media coverage of the wars in Iraq and Kosovo. The discussion to follow, moderated by Media Study adjunct instructor and graduate student Holly Johnson, will focus on modes of war-resistance. Morocco-born US conceptual video artist Abdelali Dahrouch, Buffalo State professor of journalism and media studies Mike Niman, and Italian sociologist Pierluigi Boda from the Università della Sapienza in Rome will examine a diverse range of issues ranging from Kosovo to the Middle East to issues of reality and the media (e.g., war-blogs) in a Post 9-11 world.

The short videos from artist Caroline Koebel's Conceptual Media Activism series will open the final panel discussion on Tuesday Nov. 18, at 2:30PM, The Dialectics of the Media. SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Diane Christian will host this ambitious panel, which includes a linguistic perspective on TV coverage of the Iraq war by English professor Louann Haarman of the University of Bologna, a comparative study of US and Italian war coverage by political media reporting expert Linda Lombardo from the Luiss Guido Carli University in Rome, and an in-depth look at anti-Americanism and the German-language media by managing editor of the weekend supplement of the Vienna-based daily Der Standard, Michael Freund.

At 4:45PM conference organizer Bernadette Wegenstein will close the event.


Department of Media Study
College of Arts and Sciences Fund for Conferences and Lectures 2003-2004
Department of English Butler Chair
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
Prof. Dennis Tedlock McNulty Chair
Prof. Bruce Jackson Samuel P. Capen Chair in American Culture
Graduate Group for German and Austrian Studies: The Michael M. and Erika A. Metzger Special Events Endowment Fund
UB Anderson Gallery

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Submitted by TreborScholz
Posted on Wed Oct 15, 2003 at 4:44 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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