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[- Documentary Intentions, Online and Off

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Keywords: web-based documentary

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>Documentary Intentions, Online and Off<

//Documentary Intentions, Online and Off// looks at challenging web-based
documentary work and discusses its evolving potential for social change.

Friday November 14, 6PM - 9PM
Saturday November 15, 10AM - 6:30PM

The Department of Film & Media Studies
Hunter College CUNY
695 Park Avenue

The conference brings together artists such as Alison Cornyn, Caroline Koebel, Horit Herman Peled, Jenny Perlin and Alex Rivera with graduate students of the Department of Media Study (SUNY Buffalo), The Program in Culture and Media (Department of Anthropology, New York University) and The Department of Film and Media Studies at Hunter College, (CUNY).

Alison Cornyn, Caroline Koebel, Horit Herman Peled, Jenny Perlin, Alex Rivera, John Long, Julie Perini, Shanti Avirgan, Christine Dierk, Orkan Telhan, Shawn Rider, Sarah Wichlazc, Beth Miranda Botshon, Cortlan McManus, Elizabeth Knipe, Harlan Whatley, Eleana Kim, Swati Bandi, Ruth Goldman, Hector Canonge, Jennifer Uihlein, Robin Brasington.

>Facilitated by<
Meg McLagan (NYU)
Martin Lucas (Hunter College, CUNY)
Trebor Scholz (SUNY Buffalo)

>Full Updated Schedule<

Meg McLagan
Martin Lucas
Trebor Scholz

General Directions to Hunter College and the Dept of Film & Media Studies
can be found at
tel: 212-772-4949.

The Friday night location, Hunter West 217 is best reached by using the entrance on the Southwest corner of 68th St. and Lexington Ave., upstairs from the 68th St. Lexington Ave. No. 6 IRT station. Once inside, take the escalator up one flight to the 2nd floor. HW217 will be on the 68th St. or north side of the 2nd floor lobby.

For the Saturday Night Location - Hunter North 544 Enter the North Building at the 68th street entrance (between Park and Lexington Avenues). Take the elevators to the fifth floor. Make a left to the double doors. Make a right and then head straight to the end of the hall, through another set of double doors take a sharp left into 544.

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Submitted by TreborScholz
Posted on Sat Nov 8, 2003 at 1:44 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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