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[- Fate of Alien Modes

Author: Vienna Secession, curator Constanze Ruhm

Where: Vienna, Austria

Topic: exhibition and film series
Keywords: film, video, cinema, discourse, space, film production, script-based formats

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Vienna Secession: exhibition, screenings, discussions
Film Museum Vienna: film program
Details: Secession, Film Museum

The exhibition Fate of Alien Modes charts a terrain emerging at the intersection of artistic and cinematic models and discourses. It foregrounds different forms of representation generated by each respective practice, to render visible the mechanisms operating within. The cinematic apparatus is understood as an economy unfolding into a spatiality of different modes of production, thus allowing for a changed perspective on art. The shift from being "on cinema" to drawing on an economy illuminates and recollects the structures, forces, and subjects at work in the relations between society, cinema, and culture. These subjects are developed along the lines corresponding to the framework of art institutions by reflecting on contemporary artistic and curatorial practices.

Fate of Alien Modes spatializes the cinematic field to reveal it as a set of running scripts. Instead of conflating art and cinema within the conventions of projection spaces and mini cinemas only, the exhibition focuses on dynamic scripting processes to oppose the notion of finished and self-contained artworks. Thus it highlights different modes of production versus the concept of the Secession as a mere exhibition hall and repository for art works. The institutional container is rendered as tenuous construction and "spatial narrative." It represents a diegetic world translated via works and commissions, and in this way attempts to realize and release the economies of cinema through a three-dimensional interplay of projections, soundscapes, scripts, and indexical archives.

The exhibition's coordinates compose a space containing script-based formats, temporary (set) architecture, films and videos, sound pieces, and open, performative processes including the actual shooting of a scene for a film, as a method of unfolding the "Alien Modes" as a collage of diverse labors and practices comprised and synthesized in the cinematic apparatus.

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Submitted by Aileen
Posted on Sat May 3, 2003 at 12:37 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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