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[- International Conference

Author: Adrienne Russel

Where: Paris, --, France

Topic: Call for Papers
Keywords: resistance online

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International Conference
The Other Internet:
Exploring Digital Resistance
American University of Paris, 2 April 2004


The Internet is still a space where people advocate change and promote
alternative ideas, despite widespread corporate influence over online structures
and content. This conference will bring together Internet scholars, activists,
and artists to address issues raised for activists by the Web and to explore new
forms of resistance emerging online. Papers are invited that will examine
current issues and developments in the following general areas:

Activism-radical or alternative uses of the Web by organizations, artists,
scholars and other groups and/or projects designed circumvent or provide
alternatives to corporate control of the Web.

Theory and Research-theoretical and empirical work aimed at understanding the
Internet as a social space where issues of power and resistance are played out.

Please email your paper or extended outline to no later
than 15 October 2003. Selection of papers will be announced by 1 December 2003.

The Other Internet: Exploring Digital Resistance will be held at the American
University of Paris. It is funded in part through a grant from the Mellon Foundation. There is no fee to attend.

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Submitted by TreborScholz
Posted on Tue Sep 30, 2003 at 6:39 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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