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[- National Corporate Rule

Author: Bob Brown

Topic: U.S. ruled by corporations
Keywords: health, independence, self control, corporate rule, politics, alternative health

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National Corporate Rune, Here Now
[All is well for the next four years and beyond???] “What good fortune for those in power, that people don’t think.”
The election is over and we have chosen the right man/political party to run our great nation for the next four years. We have a history of making functional choices. We have the information at our disposal, to make an informed, calculated, intelligent decision. Emotions, beliefs, personal bias or misrepresented causes, do not influence us and we easily see through half-truths and negative promotions. We know of the candidate’s beliefs, we study their background and personal history, we know of their biases, we know of their voting record, we easily see through any possible deceptive self-serving promotions and we vote intelligently. With care and forethought, we have fostered the development of a political system that allows the best and most qualified people to run for office. When we vote, we know we are voting for the right person for the job. If you believe what you just read, I have some ocean front property with a view of snow capped mountains in the back, located in Mesa Arizona, that I would like to sell you.
[“What good fortune for those in power, that people don’t think,” Adolf Hitler.] (worth repeating)
If George and John are the best our nation has to offer, we are in trouble and if the democrats and republicans are the best of political organizations, we are in a dire predicament. Our system offered us George and John. In any event, we have voted for a group of people that will have ever-increasing control and power, over us.
AND, a consortium of corporations, businesses, organizations and powerful people own the people we have chosen to lead us. Our elected officials owe their political existence and their ways of life, to at least one these “special” interests - SO - are they going to represent US, or are they going to represent them? The answer is obvious, frustratingly true and historically proven; all you need to do is follow the money trail. A special interest giant gains political attention and favors by: making a phone call, stepping on a toe, donating a few hundred thousand, having lunch with his politician, paying for a vacation, hiring a relative, hiring a connected ex-politician, etc..
[National corporate control is here and needs only to be made official. World corporate control will be possible soon.]
Some support of this concept: ran an article “The Coming Corporate Rule of America”. The Catbird Seat has a listing with supporting information, of politicians that serve corporate interests, ran an article “The truth about drug companies”. The Tobacco Industry spent $28 million lobbying congress this year, the Pharmaceutical industry spent about $150 million lobbying this year and the total amounts invested by the Oil Industry, influencing politicians is difficult to determine. Let your mind think of some very large dollar amounts for Oil Industry influence purchases and you may be close, if the number is large enough. If you are curious about a specific industry, do some research. The information is not new, it is true and the problem continues.
[Eisenhower made a surprising statement for a person of his background, he warned that we should watch out for the military-industrial complex. We didn’t; other businesses/corporations saw that we were not looking, and now several industrial complexes govern us.]
Most of us can’t afford a politician, so how do we gain representation and exert some influence on our elected and appointed leaders? We can use our political vote and our free market economy vote. Each time we purchase a $3.00 cup of coffee, a $50,000 SUV, a $3,500 TV, a $20,000 motorcycle, a $150 pair of tennis shoes, a $150 medication/drug, a $2.29 gallon of gas or pay a $500 electric bill, etc. we are supplying the money that enables the purchase of political influence. Politicians and the election process show, are expensive. Our government depends on a river of money for its survival and we need to learn how to control, direct and stop the flow. Our economy is the source of the flow and we are the source of our economy. Each time we purchase a product or a service from a company, we are affirming that we agree with what the company or service provider is doing and how they are doing it. Each time we don’t purchase these products and services, we are not supporting them.
[We have our vote and in a free country, with a free market economy, we can have the power. Support your free market economy while it still exists.]
A free market economy depends on competition and informed, intelligent, thinking consumers. A Monopoly based economy does not do well with competition and informed, intelligent, thinking consumers. Monopolies eliminate or control their competition and do not need to care for their consumers, because they control supply and regulate demand. You may experience a little frustration each time you fill up your new Escalade, Navigator, Hummer or Yugo. Your frustration exists because we have been living with an oil/fossil fuels energy monopoly for generations. Our energy monopoly either owns or controls their competition. The U.S. government freely offers the lives of its citizens, money from its citizens, their environment and their future, to assure the monopoly status of the fossil fuel/petroleum industry. Would an informed, knowledgeable group of people (society) allow this to happen?
Our government and we has established a Medical Control Complex, Monopoly. Our health care system is responsible for about 15% of our total gross national product or $1.6 trillion dollars, that’s 12 zeroes. The medical control complex has the power to limit our access to information of alternatives. It ignores, discourages, does not pay for and discriminates against effective alternative therapies, that do not fall within its narrowly defined treatment modalities. A sudden epidemic of wellness would cause the U.S. to suffer a major economic recession. The medical control complex has established itself as the only way to go in health care and it has convinced most people of that erroneous belief. It is flu season, do you have your permit to participate or do you have your flu shot? Dealing with some challenges in your life, have you taken your drug/medication? Going to have dinner, do you have your purple pill? What to lose some weight, have you had your fat sucked out? Don’t like your job, do you need to stay there for your insurance benefits? The plaque and cholesterol may be building up in your cardiovascular system because of dysfunctional choices, have you received your life-long prescription for at least one statin drug?
Mainstream media is owned by a few individuals and corporations, so the broadcast music we listen to, the entertainment programming we watch and the news we listen to and watch is homogenized and “seldom is heard a discouraging word,” about the established power structures. The examples go on and on and on.
[What can be done? You are demonstrating an interest in positive, productive change, by reading this. You are using the most powerful tool for positive change that exists today.]
The media conglomerate monopoly is relatively easy to deal with. Stop listening to, watching and reading what it offers. This monopoly will fade quickly and what develops will be much less controlled, less bias, more informative, more user friendly and much more worth while. You are using a great alternative to homogenized media now, don’t use the radio (use CDs or tapes), watch much less TV, it’s a wasteland anyway and when you watch TV, mute all commercials. Change will happen and “they” will have to let their politicians go, to fend for themselves and do their jobs.
Gaining control over the energy monopoly is doable and will be more difficult. Alternatives that require a distribution infrastructure are owned and controlled by “them”. This is logical, because distribution systems and networks are expensive to develop and maintain. Creating new cooperative and individual energy resources is one answer. Our existing energy monopoly and our government will not actively promote alternative forms of energy or fuel.
You can generate your own electricity, the technology exists now and the how-to information is readily available. Some study and thought will be required, which may mean less TV time. Alternative Biofuels, such as alcohol and plant based oil fuels are available now. The technology exists now and the how-to information is easily available. The Internet is a great place to find and share information on developing alternative energy resources. Organized independent direction is all that is needed.
[Hydrogen, the fuel of the future is here now and has been here since about 1935 and before.]
You can safely produce/generate hydrogen in your back yard and oxygen is the by-product of the generation process. There are some reasons why we do not have a hydrogen based energy system: Oil companies own the existing distribution infrastructure, we are not yet out of oil, “they” do not want it to take place until they can control it, It has not been encouraged by our government. Every time there is some sort of interruption in the oil/fuel supply, Hydrogen is talked of as a solution, only talked of, never done. Research Hydrogen and its potentials, discard the misinformation, start organizing, producing and using it. Hydrogen is a clean burning fuel, producible by cooperative effort and by an individual. Learn of the possibilities.
[You can be in control of your health. Your health is your responsibility]
Our health care system wants you to believe that it is the only way to go in health care, it is not. Alternative health care practices work well and if you find out about them and use them, your health and your life will improve.
Anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, depression, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, declining thought process abilities and decreased immunity are at epidemic levels in our society. People turn to their favorite purveyor of mind dulling, body chemistry-changing drugs, to obtain help for their mental and physical maladies. Tons of these chemicals are prescribed, and used every year, bringing billions of dollars in profits to the producers and prescribers. Money, power and health, in that order, are the main motivating factors for our medical care system.
Every pharmaceutical company, medical Supply Company, medical organization or agency, medical insurance company, hospital, clinic and every individual, working in and around the medical care system, has a vested interest in your health. They may not have an interest in you having good health and not needing their products or services. They all have an interest in the practice of medicine, being in business, being employed, making money and staying in control. They have an interest in their well being. Your wellness may not be in their economic best interest.
The medical is consistent in the way it does business, if you have a physical or mental “problem,” all you need to do is, take a drug or have an operation and all will be better. As an example, If you have cardiovascular disease and your circulatory system becomes clogged and dysfunctional because of life style choices, all you need to do is have an operation, root out the clog and take a drug. All of these accepted, approved and common treatments are not effective in treating the real problem and they are prescribed to and performed on thousands of people every week. Individuals regularly suffer multiple quick-fix narrowly focused surgeries. About 50 million people take ongoing medications for circulation deficiencies who continue with cardiovascular disease and a reduced quality of life. Without significant lifestyle changes, individuals suffering cardiovascular disease, using conventional health care, have about a 60% chance of “not getting better.”
Alternative therapies, my area of expertise, work well, research them, and use them. Your life and health will improve. Suggested reading: “HEALTH, GREED, POWER,” found at and “PRESCRIPTION FOR NUTRITIONAL HEALING” and “RACKETEERING IN MEDICINE,” found at Amazon, or your favorite book store, will get you started.
[Research and knowledge are the keys to health self-empowerment]
Think of self-empowerment; do something to become self-empowered; increase your knowledge; share what you have learned; learn of and use alternatives to established power structures; increase your personal power; help our country, its free market economy and yourself. There are parts of our lives where self-empowerment can be difficult and there is a sense of being powerless; however, self-empowerment is doable.
The Iraq war tragedy is a sad and powerful demonstration of our not being in control of our country. It’s a rare, brain-dead individual, who doesn’t experience frustration and sadness when they hear of the Iraq war, its tragic waste of lives, the thousands that have been injured and the more than $130 billion wasted on that war. As an example, if that money was invested in alternative fuel research, development and use we (the US that is) would be independent of outside energy sources, our environment would improve, our citizens would not be fighting, dying and being injured in Iraq and there would be no further need for an oil war. We exert some power and control by our political vote. We can exert much more power and gain much more control with our economic vote, communicate, organize and starting using your votes. Bob Brown

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Submitted by RobertBrown
Posted on Mon Nov 8, 2004 at 3:16 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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