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Author: Barnaby Snap

Topic: new site: .walk [programming the psychogeographical computer]
Keywords: .walk, walkware,, psychogeography

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First there was generative psychogeography(*), walking on algorithms, translating ideas from computer science to the real world. The next logical challenge was to start utilising the latent power of these algorithms in a scheme much more complex: the construction of a UPC (Universal Psychogeographical Computer).

This peripatetic computer is platform independent & can put any street-pattern to work as a switchboard or an abacus. The UPC is operated unconsciously by interacting swarms of psychogeographical agents.

In theory the UPC is able to do anything a normal computer does, artificial intelligence included.

.walk is vigilantly open source

GO TO Programming .walk for Dummies

GO TO Generative Psychogeography page

.walk is a project by

* for instance:
2nd street left
1st street right
2nd street left

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Submitted by wilfriedhoujebek
Posted on Tue Jun 24, 2003 at 9:40 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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