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[- Year Zero One Forum #12: Summer 2003

Author: Year Zero One

Topic: Psychogeography - Space, Place and Perception

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Year Zero One Forum #12
Psychogeography - Space, Place and Perception

Articles commissioned by: Michelle Kasprzak

Year Zero One announces the launch of Issue #12, the twelth edition of our forum for dialogue about contemporary art practice and digital culture through on-line crital reviews, essays, interviews and news.

Featured in the current issue is:

-> 'The Art of Walking thru Geographic Space' by Von Bark
-> An Interview with the [murmur] collective by Caitlin O'Donovan
-> An overview of the PsyGeoConflux 2003 in NYC by David Mandl,
Christina Ray, and others
-> 'At the Corner of Either & Or' by Daniel Cockburn
-> 'Psychogeographical Account of PING and the PsyGeoConflux 2003' by
Kate Armstrong
-> 'Genius Loci' by Siobhan O'Flynn
-> 'Theatrum Mundi II' by Moritz Gaede
-> Thematic Links Collection by Michelle Kasprzak

Articles commissioned by Michelle Kasprzak

YEAR ZERO ONE is an on-line artist run centre which operates as a network for the dissemination of digital culture and new media through web based exhibitions, site-specific public art projects, an extensive media arts directory, and the Year01 Forum - an electronic art journal.

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Submitted by michaelalstad
Posted on Mon Jul 14, 2003 at 4:34 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME

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