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Feed me Discordia.

Discordia's rdf feed is here:

Feeds (summaries of news from a website) allow you to get notified when there's a new post to discordia, or any other RSS syndicated site, or when there's a change to a blog or wiki you like. They're good.

First you need to use a good feed reader. There is a good list of them to try here:

I recommend:
Cross-platform: amphetadesk, bottomfeeder.
Win: feeddemon, RDF ticker (shareware).
Mac: NetNewsWire (OSX only), tinderbox (it's worth the money), or Slashdock
Unix: Aaron's rss-email aggregator, or Raggle which is a really cool ruby-ncurses console aggregator.
Web-service: NewsApp (a bit lame).

Have fun.

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