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Discordia Wishlist
Discordia Wish List $Id: wishlist.txt,v 1.10 2003/04/13 01:00:11 discordant-developers Exp $

There are many things we in the Discordant Discordia Development Team wish were in Discordia but aren't, at least for now, mostly because we haven't got the time to implement them, at least not yet. However, you can't stop a Discordant from wishing, so here they are:

* Stories that self-generate from comment threads. In other words, if a lot of discussion starts in response to one particular comment, then that comment would move to become its own story, and all the comments under it would move with it. Imagine it's like playing solitaire, when you grab a pile of cards and attach it to the end of another pile of cards - only it would work the opposite way.

These next two items fall under the heading of what Amy once referred to as "functional skins." Like Winamp skins, only they change the way things function in some way. (Or at least the perception of the function.) There could also be the usual kind of skins too, since we Discordants never agree on things like graphic design aesthetics.

* A system whereby people write strange interfaces to Discordia, to make the methods of interacting with the data more personal. During an IRC chat, Saul Albert accidentally named this type of interface a "Communications Hug." It is not clear what he actually meant to say. But anyway, we really like this idea. Er, the writing of interfaces that is.

* Descriptions of comment ratings. These pesky comment ratings are so contentious. Should it be 1,2,3? ... A,B,C? .... Do, Re, Mi? ... Fat, Carb, Protein? .... Kenny, Wayne, Shepherd? We wish for a system in which users could customize it with their own descriptions. Or maybe submit them for others use, the way Winamp skins work.

* Alternatively, having different ratings categories in different sections would be interesting. Review-a-rama could use Fat/Carb/Protein, while Catfights could use Provocation/Sassy/Philosophical, e.g. ... Secret Room could have reversed ratings, where the best posts get the worst rating...

* Say it sans text: In order to combat the pesky "privileging of text" engendered by all these mailing lists and other text-based online communities, we envision a Discordia section in which you have to post stories and comments in non-text file types. Images, Flash, sound files, etc. Don't ask us what to do about ASCII art and source code as art or literature; we haven't figured that out. We're really not quite sure how the whole thing would work, frankly. Fortunately you can embed links to other file types in regular Discordia HTML posts, so maybe this idea will take wings on its own.

* The section on filtering could have a "required field" form box demand to know your filter before it lets you post. This is supposed to be ironic, but needs further thought.

* Or another filtering idea; could have a Reamweaver plugin, where you can set up a user-customized filter through which you run stories. For example, the male-chauvenist filter: s/woman/broad/g; ... the female chauvenist filter: s/man/oppressor/g; or to borrow some actual reamweaver examples, the CNN filter: s/suspected/guilty/g; s/al qaeda/evil/g;

* Color-based ratings system, in which you click on a color to rate a comment and resulting in a little gif on the comment that changes color depending on the aggregate rating. sort of like a mood ring for comments. well, sorta.

* We may in the future rename our comments section to "comment-on-comment-on-comment" to reflect the branching nature of threaded commentaries, and ponder how this affects the nature of the threadified discourse.


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