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Agitprop as tactical media | 10 comments
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by ryangriffis on Wed Oct 15th, 2003 at 05:46:02 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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hi Joe,
point taken about the meaning of "subversion" but we can't ignore the particular celebration of it on the left, and what that means for the "inside/outside" dichotomy. i think it's important, if a bit semantic.
anyway, the soviet history is a useful one i think, as the cultural program changed quite drastically in a short period of time. sure, the "Bourgeois" suprematists were quickly put on a new program, but even those more in line with social collectivity aesthetically like Tatlin and Lissistky with their multiple perspectival approach lost aesthetic (and political) ground as the state agit prop took on socialist realism.
it's interesting how the social realist aesthetic can be found every where in US culture, just look at arnold's bulging muscles as he feigns heavy lifting of the car tax. i guess my point is, by any definition of the term, what exactly was being agitated in the soviet example? obviously something was there to react against, like there is here for the official culture to create its own agit prop culture.
i am very much a "believer" (an adequate term given the results so far) in what is often called agit prop culture (as you mention the term now seems to apply mostly to anti-institutional culture). but to be the dilectic's advocate, what does it meen to participate in "resistant" culture? when does something become unnecessary to resist?
Rosalyn Deutshe is my crutch here (that democracy never stabilizes itself), but think of the "resistance" the right in the US espouses to promote against liberal domination or the recent German reaction to Arnold's victory as a victory for common sense against politics.
anyway, thanks for the discussion.
take care,

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Agitprop as tactical media | 10 comments


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