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FReeCognize Me..? | 5 comments
[new] need to communicate (Avg. Score: none / Raters: 0) (#3)
by Anonymous Stranger on Mon Oct 6th, 2003 at 03:39:49 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME

James Clifford who teaches at Univ. of California Santa Cruz writes about an Egyptian village (citing an anthropologist) that is pretty isolated yet many of the male villagers have little education but passports filled with stamps showing just how much they traveled (for employment far from Egypt).

The poor ex-pats/migrants who do housework in the Gulf States, take care of kids in Hong Kong, pick crops in Texas, sweep streets in Nice, have a strong need to communicate, usually with family back home. Phone calls are the top priority, then remittance checks, and email as a supplement that's growing in importance.

So Geert is quite right. These people are connected in so far as they are affected by the intensely connected organizations and governments and businesses.

My own interest is in redefining those who are not actively using the Internet (even if they are affected by it), and my article on the digital divide in the same newspaper Gabriel cites is a start. However, I have a much more ambitious project about the unconnected world I'm about to undertake (after a trip to Jordan), and I'll probably write about it later on nettime.
-Steve Cisler

FReeCognize Me..? | 5 comments


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