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New Media Arts Education | 8 comments
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by joncates ( on Wed Oct 22nd, 2003 at 03:11:52 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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++ ryangriffis:
why is it that you didnt name Southwest Missouri State University as the "small state university" or the name of the "new media program (strategically named after the electronic arts game company)" that you are teaching in?

++ trebor scholz:
this brings me (back) to the unanswered Q i posted to nettime in the thread resulting from yr initial post. my Q [was/is] why not name

//begin self quoting system
the institutions in the us + eu that you have experience w/ [+/or] are referring to?
//end self quoting system

i am really curious as to the conditions that you [have/are] experienc[ed/ing], specically those issues of curriculum dev that i raised on nettime:

//begin self quoting system
i.e., were you given preset syllabi [+/or] did you create curriculum? which existing [methods/materials] did you utilize? were you AT sum pt given [a/an] [directive/assignment] by [an/a] [administrator/department head] to place "exclusive emphasis on software programs"?
//end self quoting system

what i find puzzling is this [issue of/approach to] naming in the initial post + this comment. the nettime thread has gone in various directions, but i am hoping that we can discuss the specifics of new media [educational/academic] [contexts/content] here.
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New Media Arts Education | 8 comments


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