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don't be shy! | 9 comments
[new] Metapet launch (Avg. Score: 3.00 / Raters: 1) (#6)
by nataliebookchin on Thu May 22nd, 2003 at 04:39:09 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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Yes, Metapet launched on May 1 2003. I had no idea of the magnatude of such a project when I finally launched the beta on May 1 2002 launch (after an expected launch every month from dec 2002 on). The forum (phorum) has also been very active and I was happy to read this post a few days ago:

Author: saberine 
Date:   05-21-03 16:12
i've found that any genetic tinkering leads to unpredictible results... hmmm, maybe the idea that genetics can be absolutely controlled is a flawed idea... if i recall correctly, i used 'embellish body' to get the pets started, and once i had some money, i avoided most genetic engineering...

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don't be shy! | 9 comments


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