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by qpdoll on Thu May 8th, 2003 at 02:00:23 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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i just wrote a response over in the trebor/brian thread, but wow, i almost accidentally cruised past the whole thing... i'm one of those toys who can feel shy about posting stuff when others seem smoother with words than i am. yet, in this case, people were talking about stuff which i've been directly involved with - it's kinda like walking in late to dinner and discovering you're on the menu...

it's cool that this political art discussion crops up right here on discordia! but on the other hand, yeah, i agree, aileen, there's this issue with styles of communication - i personally prefer to communicate through projects rather than words, but online fora favor words. some of my non-native english speaking friends have also expressed concern that they feel at a disadvantage expressing themselves on online fora because they can't keep up with all the words (though of course they could post in their native language, then there's a problem of audience.)

i like that discordia seems to offer opportunities for alternative discussion formats - less formality, shorter blurps, dialogues, etc.
yet wordliness can still seem to have the advantage at times.

of course it's great that people who have a way with words can wordify on... but i think it's also good to create a comfortable space for dolls and other less-verbal people who might otherwise find themselves on the menu - or standing outside - instead of sittin' at the table... i don't know that there are any easy answers, but just opening this discussion and reminding people of different communication styles i think is a step in the right direction, aileen....

keep your head facing forward and keep reaching beyond your ears...
-qp doll

Artists, activists and impassioned comments | 12 comments


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