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The (Ir)relevance of New Music? | 2 comments
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by Aileen on Thu May 15th, 2003 at 01:10:01 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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Although I deal with texts about new music fairly frequently - and I am invariably fascinated by the ways in which the music is discussed - my direct experience is limited.
Recently I had an opportunity to go to a concert by Ikue Mori with Sylvie Courvousier and Susie Ibarra. I have heard so much about Ikue Mori, I was delighted to have a chance to see her perform.
The concert was fanstastic. I couldn't say anything about rhythm or melody, but I felt transported into a different space by the performance. Since I didn't have any more money with me, I couldn't have bought their CD afterward anyway, but that started me wondering, whether I would actually listen to just the music by itself. What I enjoy about concerts like this or the performance by Kaffe Mathew and Brian Duffy in Rotterdam is the visual aspect of the performance in combination with the music - but I seem to need both. Actually, "visual" is an inadequate description, too. For me, this music is more physical than acoustic, if that makes any sense.


The (Ir)relevance of New Music? | 2 comments


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