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The (Ir)relevance of New Music? | 2 comments
[new] en garde avant garde! (Avg. Score: 3.00 / Raters: 1) (#2)
by amy on Thu May 15th, 2003 at 09:32:30 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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Perhaps more importantly, why do most people have such a great aversion to cutting-edge/avant garde music when they generally exhibit a much greater acceptance (if not appreciation) of the visual avant garde?

i don't think people are any more accepting of visual avant-garde. think of how many "my 6 yr. old can do that" jokes you've heard at art museums.... and how many "conceptual art" jokes in general.

but, i think a lot of new music sounds "dissonant" to most non-musician ears. then again, a lot of 20th-century music does too (schoenberg and even bartok turn off a lot of people.) people expect "classical" music to sound like mozart, same as they expect "art" to look like van gogh - i don't think there's really much difference...

what to do? i wouldn't change new music for 'middle america' of course. but this is certainly a concern of many artists - many political artists and digital media artists for example, see reaching a non-art audience as essential to what they're doing. which doesn't mean we "dumb down" the project, of course, but we try to think of ways in which the message can be sent that don't require familiarity with art history or "art world" cultures. i'm not sure how easy that is to translate to ears, but as an abstract filmmaker also, i find there are many abstract messages that are universally understood.

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The (Ir)relevance of New Music? | 2 comments


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