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Women in Politics | 5 comments
[new] fem neocons, fem resistance & discontents (Avg. Score: none / Raters: 0) (#3)
by GabrielPickard on Mon Apr 26th, 2004 at 04:20:55 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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Yea, i totally aggree with you Aileen.. It's the Condoleeeza Rice / Neocon problem that's coming to haunt us everywhere. "We don't hate black/hispanic/.. all those other different looking people.. hmm, and we're not really against women in high positions (though of course, there should be some limits..) -- as long (and only as long) as they play along."
In Germany, before the last parliamentary elections they had a big discussion in the conservative party(s) about wether Angela Merkel could be candidate for chancelor. There was a big block just bluntly refusing to have a woman in that powerful post. Dear-old asshole Mr Stoiber from Bavaria ended up being candidate and lost, mostly due to his wavey position towards the iraq-war - and because the Green party won a lot of votes after this one "catastrophic flood" in east Germany. Anyway, Frau Merkel is still around - and she has a certain machiavellian spirit, she's said to be very good at intrigue, so maybe she'll manage to push-aside Mr Koch..
Concerning the more representational post of the president, i've noticed that the party that was going to lose (due to the ration in the two legislative bodies that choose the president) would always put forth a woman, whereas they would always nominate men, as soon as they had a real chance..

Concerning the problematic intra-feminist dynamics (or whatever you might call them).. I'm not sure (and it's not really my responsibility), but i think that the project of full instituional equality will not succeed. Why? Possibly because or society simply doesn't work that way.. Blame it on patriarchy, blame it on women not getting their act together, whatever. The fact is that this society will not change, unless it is changed - and that is not an easy bottom line.. ;-}

To return to a more personal level - I've noticed a latent inability in working with women (which i might be outgrowing slowly), just in my daily stuff, local activism, small projects. Women would be absent or few. I think it's a system of implicit exclusion - at discussions over a joint, or boys hanging around screens. This may be connected with growing up in a small town - but i have the feeling that quite a few people simply don't grow out of those exclusionist stages. I guess they don't teach you how to deal with gender-issues..

So how do we mediate situations in which the necessary social change? I believe there has to be quite a radical change for women to come into their own.
I sometimes also have the feeling that some conventional methods in movements seem to work fairly well with women's integration, just because they are in a narrow, vanguardist setting - but i'm no expert :-}

What does this idea of radical change sound like to you? Irrelevant, boring, or undefined? ;-}
cheers, Gabriel.

Women in Politics | 5 comments


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