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Women in Politics | 5 comments
[new] still asking unhelpful questions (Avg. Score: none / Raters: 0) (#4)
by Aileen on Tue Apr 27th, 2004 at 07:49:01 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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Actually, it sounds a bit daunting, Gabriel, your description of a "latent inability in working with women" - when I think of the young teenage boys in my immediate surroundings, mostly in a phase of seeking to affirm that they are really not as helpless and hopeless as they feel, which I fear will lead into that irritating (stereotypically male) habit of trying to appear knowledgeable and in control, I am afraid that all these wonderful and, at this age, more mature and critical girls will be stuck with yet another generation of boring men (you will just have to imagine the "smiley" that follows that, since I don't use them).
But I don't think asking how that could be changed is really a very useful question.
A few months ago, a post on Slashdot about a "female printer" was followed by a long line of predictably prejudice-confirming comments, but somewhere in the nether regions an interesting discussion emerged among "30ish male geeks" about how to childproof computers, with the unfortunate subject line "designed by mothers", but also with some very sensible and practical suggestions. Childproof computers is not a "women's issue" or a "men's issue", it is a question of how human beings of different sizes with conflicting agendas can live peaceably together. People that are especially good at what they do with computers - male, female or other - who unexpectedly find themselves battling for mastery over the machines with small persons uninhibitedly intent on taking full control of the world around them, may well be the best suited to find feasible solutions - to the benefit of all.
In the same way, for example, eliminating obstacles to make buildings, public transportation, etc. more easily accessible would benefit anyone who regularly has a buggy or stroller attached to them as soon as they go out the door - the statistical fact that these persons are most often female is irrelevant.
I think that's why Ferrero-Waldner's claim that having a woman as president would somehow benefit other women annoyed me so much. That kind of claim looks as though it should mean something, but it doesn't.

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Women in Politics | 5 comments


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