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discussion about Discordia | 8 comments
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by joerabie on Sun Apr 25th, 2004 at 11:42:18 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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I liked very much your image of Walden Pond, Amy. It made me think of you as a little green frog, with delicate fingers, that one sees in pictures of (what remains of) the Amazonian Forest.

Your view of Discordia is intriguing, because it is so counter current. A web site's "sex appeal" IS measured by the manifestations of passage that it generates, in the case of Discordia, represented by postings. So I'll have to think of this a bit more.

Another aspect (I'm writing fast, before my son kicks me off his computer which I'm squatting) is that the "personal" is necessary for one's own sense of worth. When I post, do people find an interest in what I write, do they like it, have I touched them? Perhaps this is pure vanity, but inter-relationship is the fabric of our humanity.

When people use a style of pseudo-objectivity in their postings, remain impersonal thus "professional", the human link suffers, and the discourse becomes less taking.

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discussion about Discordia | 8 comments


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