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Welcome to my Homepage | 6 comments
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by DorotheeGestrich on Mon May 17th, 2004 at 05:33:09 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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Let me answer with a quotation of Morten Soby that I like very much: "Not everyone will feel at home in the cybersphere's interactive net, but we do not really have a choice."
There are indeed few hospitable relationships within the Internet which similes the original idea of a balanced hospitality without parasitical behaviour, but there are some successful approaches of net specific hospitality that aim to make the special conditions of the internet a subject of discussion and use them in an adequate style like Irina Aristarkhova's virtual chora, where the guests had free ftp-access and the possibility to "establish" on Aristarkhova's web site for a while.
But looking on the whole I also have the opinion that the possibilities of the Internet, for example undermining locality and gender-role-expectations, are not exhausted or fulfilled, but there are even new forms of a net-specific culture established that may lack equal possibilities for discourse and democratic contribution.

Welcome to my Homepage | 6 comments


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