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[- Discordia's darker soul
By joerabie, Section discordia home improvement
Posted on Sat Oct 4th, 2003 at 09:07:32 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME
Behind Discordia lurks a darker shadow, that only by trading glances that might pierce its hidden eyes, will we be allowed to invite it into our homes in order to domesticate it. Otherwise, it lurks in the dark outside and howls into our sleep. What I'm talking about is Dementia, and the utter relief of its antidote, Clemencia,...


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This is a subject I explored a long time ago (in geographical terms) when internet was bound by simpler things, words, pictures and links. I threw it all away (but didn't take it off the server - hah!) when I realised that a flood of words drown the gregarious nature of internet, so other avenues of discourse (welcome to Discoursia and its dumber brother, Concoursia) should be explored, which is what Flash is all about, I suppose. Anyway, go to

the crossroads where a wind blows through cyberspace

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