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[- Whose baby do you want to have?
By CarolineKoebel, Section review-a-rama
Posted on Thu May 1st, 2003 at 07:33:19 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
calls for peace-minded people in multiple lands to "have babies" with "fathers" of their choosing. The "mother's labor" entails first deciding the father & then detailing the reasons behind her decision. Ideally, BABY de-rigidifies biology, gender, & temporal & spatial context; in this serious play mothers & fathers can be anybody anywhere. BABY holds a conceptual dirty diaper under the nose of The-Family-as-aggression-machine.


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BABY is an anti-war, anti-imperialism, anti-fascist project conceived out of the global peace mobilization. The aggression machine, in its targeting the site of The Family (& of reproduction), attempts total regulation of families of others. It's bad enough, feel the right, that babies are produced in defiance of The Family. It is when such others' families become visible & audible however that the aggression machine is most unified in its efforts of mass annihilation.

BABY recognizes the humanity of the global peace mobilization & affirms the love & kinship that ties intimates & strangers together. The project acknowledges how the more we resisters the world over gather together--and reproduce--the more power we generate. Individual "mothers" collectively spread autonomous knowledge by illuminating "resistant parents" --role models & sources of inspiration typically absent from state-sanctioned schooling,--& by connecting these "fathers'" histories to their own immediate lived experience, & finally, also by projecting critical impact into the future (by virtue of the children (albeit imaginary) they will birth).

Whose baby do you want to have? Why?
[editor's note, by TreborScholz] : Caroline Koebel is an artist and professor in the Department of Media Study, SUNY at Buffalo where she recently organized a 12 hour-Peace-Marathon.

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Whose baby do you want to have? | 1 comments
[new] the mamas and the papas (Avg. Score: none / Raters: 0) (#1)
by amy on Fri May 2nd, 2003 at 12:15:14 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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i'm a little unclear of the specifics of this project. are all the participants 'mothers', regardless of whether they're male or female?
or is it possible to participate as a 'father'?
could be interesting if people could select their roles (regardless of their own biology) and then examine the stereotypes and realities of those roles.

what kind of knowledge to the mothers spread? (and who are the resistant parents?)

anyway, sounds like an interesting idea, even though i don't quite follow the specifics yet.

now, to answer the question of whose baby i want to have: bill gates. i want bill gates for an ex, bill gates paying (p)alimony, child support, yeah..

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-- Discordia is nice.
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Whose baby do you want to have? | 1 comments

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