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[- On Convenience
By marcbohlen, Section Filter It Yourself!
Posted on Fri May 2nd, 2003 at 02:21:41 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
Information junkies: This is for you. You, as I have been indulging in up to the minute news coverage for too long. Lust to know what just happened - somewhere.


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I know of the SARS epidemic, not because I read about it in the news, but because I live in Toronto. What I see in the streets belies what I read and hear in the news. Even when the facts are on target, the tone feels wrong; the situation simplified.
I think there is a structural problem with information ubiquity. We really have not yet figured out how to harvest knowledge and meaning from all the networked information sources. Whom do I trust, who has it right? Go with the trusted sources, no? I used to read the **Times. Oh, I can just go to Le Monde and get it right, no? Listservs? Ask your networked friends. They might know.
There are just too many ways of getting partial perspectives of events and no means by which to integrate them into coherence. We can peek into every corner of the globe but by which means do we make sense out of this information? There is no deeper understanding of Kabul, for me, just because I can see a satellite photo of the Id Gah Mosque. We have been cheating ourselves into believing we know more just because we can see and hear more in continuously shorter intervals. Technologies of instantaneity are convenient, too convenient. They are selective and remove what does not fit the interval of the preconceived. Like shopping prefabricated clothing; everything looks good, nothing really fits.
We need thought processes and information technologies that take the state of information overflow and knowledge underflow into account.
How can we make sense of all this? Knowledge is an integration of contextualized data. It is accumulated and digested. It is lived,
over time. We have been spending too much energy on collecting items. We need intelligent ways of layering; building from instantaneous data to rich data that actually means something. Time for inventory. Maybe DISCORDIA can help.
[editor's note, by TreborScholz]

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On Convenience | 5 comments
[new] Information and communication - all or nothing or? (Avg. Score: 3.00 / Raters: 1) (#1)
by Aileen on Sat May 3rd, 2003 at 03:32:29 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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It strikes me as interesting, how this ties into Amy's comment about communication withdrawal. Somehow, I think there must be some kind of connection between the "information junkie" situation you describe and the "communication withdrawal" that Amy describes. Are they two sides of the same coin? Is there a different connection? What leads us to make those choices - to want and reject one or the other or both?

[new] information overflow and knowledge underflow (Avg. Score: none / Raters: 0) (#4)
by HenrikSchrat ( on Sat May 10th, 2003 at 03:44:19 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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Marc, I quite agree with you.... I am in a quite polemic mood, so here we go with my crab english: Sitting on the WWW, all of a sudden I find myselfe terribly interested in the structure of the army in Pakistan, because Musharaf is doing this and that, what could mean and so on.... An than I wake up and think: I just did spend 20 minutes of my livetime reading a text about the structure of the Army in Pakistan? Am I stupid? Beeing born and bread in the GDR, I actually do not BELIEVE in any news, there is a very deep suspicion. What not means, that the news dont tell anything. They always have this mixture of interests and information. (Entertainment is a kind of interest of course, as we know.)
I dont think that can be changed, and I am quite happy about it. This mixture can be called: story telling. And if you tell a story in a good way, it is better than a story which might be at the end nearer to what actually happened- told in a bad way.
(((I know I get deleted in that context here for this kind of opinion.(((-: )))

No, to be honest: The mountain of information helps of course to get a wider picture, but this wider picture is as relative as the smaller one was before. I am quite nihilistic about it, what counts is the energy to form the picture and to understand.
The web is in a way as dusty as librarys are. If you sepnt more than 5 hours a day on the web, you should think again. I too drink a bit to much.

Concerning the crude video from Reuters: I agree with the comment, that it has been editied anyway, and would add: Its quite fashionable at the moment as structure. I just say REALITY TV.
The WORST Thing in CNN is this footage they are 'just' showing with the subtitle: NO COMMENT.

My comment to long alreaedy, I just stop 8-)

But: Coulld PLEASE tell me somebody what TROLLING is? makes me really curious, as it is a very funny word for me as german, as TROLLS are kinda dwarfs, quite simila to SCHRATS....

8-) Schrat

  • Def. Trolling by TreborScholz, 05/14/2003 10:23:08 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME (none / 0)
On Convenience | 5 comments

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