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[- The Original Discordia
By TarNutz, Section discordia home improvement
Posted on Sun Sep 28th, 2003 at 03:37:07 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
Before there ever was

...there was Eris Discordia, Goddess of Chaos; feared and misunderstood by the Greeks and later by their imitators, the Romans. Eris Discordia found her Prophets in Malcalypse the Younger and Omar Ravenhurst in the late 1950's in a bowling alley in California; the inspired geniuses/madmen who later created the Principa Discordia.

She has been credited (blamed?) for starting the Trojan War after being snubbed for an invitation to a Party of the other Gods and Goddesses; see

for the cut-and-dried version. She's not as mean-spirited as they make her out to be, though. For more information, consult your pineal gland.


[ --------------------------------------------- ]

The modern Discordian Movement was started years ago in the rebellious sixties, and has been described since as "either a religion masquerading as a joke, or a joke disguised as a religion". Preaching Nonsense as Salvation, Discordians propose a countergame to the slow grinding dullness of existence started in ancient times by the malcontented hunchbrain Greyface with his curse of Serious Order.

Originally, Discordianism spread through the Principa Discordia, an underground text full of wild, Monty Python-esque humor and Zen nonsense. It was copied and passed along by hand and word of mouth before it was ever formally published.

With the explosion of the Internet and the communication power offered by email, the Principa went electronic, and so did Discordianism. Discordians now pop up at the most unlikely places, forming cabals with multiple members or acting alone as Apiskopos ("skeptic" in Greek) of the Movement. Dubbed a "Neophyllic Irreligion" and associated with such groups as the Church of the Subgenius

and the Temple Ov Psychic Youth,

Discordianism appeals to less serious and more open-minded individuals. What good is a religion if you can't get a good laugh out of it now and then? So come and join us in a round of laughter and merriment (and the occasional prank) as we revel in the eternal weirdness of the Universe. "The words of the foolish, and those of the wise, are not far apart in Discordian eyes."


"Sacred Cows make the best hamburger." - Mark Twain

[ --------------------------------------------- ]

The Original Discordia | 1 comments
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by phronemophiliac on Mon Sep 29th, 2003 at 04:49:55 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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Hail Eris. All Hail Discordia.

The Original Discordia | 1 comments

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