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[- Endless middle ground?
By MichaCudrna, Section whatever...
Posted on Tue Mar 23rd, 2004 at 05:05:08 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
One of the intellectual property battlefields - scientific publishing has been undergoing deep changes for some time. The polarity of views is visible as anywhere else, where op-and-pro-ponents of IP shout out lound and bark at each other. And again, someone appears who wants to introduce peace.


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March 22, 2004 -- Forty-eight of the nation's and the world's top medical and scientific societies and not-for-profit scholarly publishers have signed the "Washington DC Principles for Free Access to Science" (, a statement proclaiming their commitment to providing free access and wide dissemination of published research findings. The announcement declared that the DC Principles represent a "needed `middle ground' in the increasingly heated debate between those who advocate immediate unfettered online access to medical and scientific research findings and advocates of the current journal publishing system." The press release announcing the statement indicated that the societies signing the DC Principles represent over 600,000 scientist and clinician members and publish over 380 journals. A closer look revealed that the journal titles held by publisher signatories totaled 115 and all signatories were currently hosted on HighWire Press, a Web-based hosting service for academic publishers from Stanford University (

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Sci-Tech Not-For-Profit Publishers Commit to Limited Open Access

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