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[- What makes a good director?
By Aileen, Section question corner
Posted on Thu May 27th, 2004 at 12:17:01 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
On Friday two job openings were announced at Ars Electronica: the position of Artistic Director and the position of Chief Financial Officer.

For the announcement, please see: "Ars Electronica Executive Search"

Aside from, in addition to, in keeping with the official text of the announcement, though, which qualities, skills, abilities would be most important for the director of Ars Electronica?


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Admittedly, since I live in Linz, I have no doubts about the importance of Ars Electronica as a festival and center. However, Ars Electronica - in whatever form it may be imagined - also provokes reactions and reflections from many people in different places for different reasons (e.g. "Don't call it art"). For that reason, while the "Executive Search" is on until June 19th and hopefully many wonderful and qualified people are sending in their applications, I would like to raise the question, what makes a good director?

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