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[- Ignite George Bush
By joerabie, Section discordia home improvement
Posted on Sun May 30th, 2004 at 03:24:14 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME
Here is a poster to hang on the wall of Discordia. Next week George Bush is coming to France, the land which invented Freedom Fries (I know, I know, it wasn't France, it was Belgium). He will be coming along with other freedom fighters, Vladimir Poutine, to name but one. Our very own homeboy Jacques Chirac will be having them, though he would have probably prefered Richard Nixon, who was more in his class for trickiness. George, however, will come explain to the rest of us how him and the rest of the boys, Rummy and Cheney and Perly are the True Guardians of liberty, democracy (you name it), they did it once before, and now they're doing it again, and as for the rest of us, we are all, well, errorists.

For the poster, click on poster


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