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cyberfeminism, feminism, gender | 6 comments
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by Aileen on Tue Oct 28th, 2003 at 05:24:50 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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Thank you for your response, Ryan, especially since I obviously misunderstood your reference to exclusion. Since I haven't read the book yet (I have ordered it, though, but I don't know how long it will take to ship it to Austria), I don't really have much basis for a discussion of the book, but the issue of racial and geographic bias in the context of feminism is a very difficult one to deal with here in Austria too. Very often attempts at inclusiveness end up being more of a kind of exoticism or an alibi action - making enough space for different voices to be heard is one thing, but the different voices have to be able to listen to one another as well. Sometimes I think actually listening to one another seems to be the biggest problem. I'm not sure whether that makes sense here, because I am thinking about specific situations and why conflicts and tensions arose from them, but I think it would be too long to describe some of those situations here.
Another reason why I was curious about your interest was that I also read your essay "Meditations on Privilege" and I liked your approach very much. The question of privilege is one that I found myself confronted with in a - for me - new and quite unexpected way, when my two sons started school, entering into the long process of institutional socialization. Again and again, I find there is no simple or clear answer to the question "Whose side am I on?"
However, thinking in terms of ongoing tensions here, I am very interested in different possible models for frameworks, in which different voices can be heard and listening - honestly listening - is possible too.

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cyberfeminism, feminism, gender | 6 comments


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