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What is the difference between a pop star and a philosopher? | 5 comments
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by GabrielPickard on Sun Feb 8th, 2004 at 09:50:36 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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Yes, of course, the classic lecture stands strong.. And it probably simply is necessary at times to draw people together via idols. And it probably is kinda nice to have this "with your own eyes" experience.
Yea, but how much "good news" did this pop-tart actually get across? I get that there must have been quite an aura-production going on in that room. :-}
I'm feeling a bit critical today... ;-} So i'd ask, do you have the feeling that he's actually producing cutting-edge ideas. I've heard people saying he's getting old and.. i don't know what - i guess he's always been quite poetic, mixing italian flourish in his post-autonomist language.. well,, possibly just a bit of a celebrity. Celebrity as being widely known for being widely read.
And next to that, was there room for this person to actually interact (because isn't that what conferences are about)? At least at a more elevated level (did the transmediale feature a backstage-lounge?). Were there autograph-seekers?
okok.. what was his talk about?
anybody speak italian?

What is the difference between a pop star and a philosopher? | 5 comments


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