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By Aileen, Section discordia home improvement
Posted on Sat Nov 15th, 2003 at 11:43:05 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
In conjunction with comments on writing communal histories, Paul also raised a question about Discordia that I would like to address separately:


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On Nov. 10, paullloydsargent wrote:

I've known about Discordia for some time now and I very much enjoy checking up on what people are posting, but I rarely have the time to read, much less post in blogs/lists/etc such as this. Not that I'm not interested, just busy with so many things and to some degree, hesitant to join in heated debates for the world to read. I've been a part of various other lists in the past and watched as my cycles matched those of the list itself. And here I go again, so to speak: I read a bit, step back and watch, finally post a few rabbid times, don't check for awhile, post some more, then often disappear.

As we have tried to explain in the FAQ and in various posts and comments about "hot/cold" or "push/pull" media - including Amy's post that Paul was commenting on - one of our aims in working on the structure of Discordia was to make it possible for people to engage in ongoing discussions at different levels of intensity, depending on time, interest, how comfortable people feel about posting in a public forum, etc.

Now I would be curious to hear from other people - especially any of the currently registered 331 users who have not yet posted anything - as to how well this works for you. Could adding the 13th comment to a thread from last June be a way for more reticent posters to come in quietly, so to speak? Or is only the front page interesting and everything else too much to read? How easy or difficult is it to slip in and out of ongoing discussions?

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[new] former reticent poster comment (Avg. Score: none / Raters: 0) (#1)
by JenniferNigg on Thu Nov 20th, 2003 at 06:39:30 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
(User Info)

Straight from the new user account. With my real name. (I had to be adviced. Since I am an impatient user I do not read carefully.) Affirmation. Yes it is me, and yes I want to.

This has been as easy as everywhere else. Do the Login, choose a name, get a password (eventually change it, memorise it) and: be part of it.

Maybe I never post (ok, this is not true for this time). I just read, from time to time. Or scan, from time to time. Sometimes the elapsing time makes it more likely that I think, I want to say something too. Depends on the site, the topics, the postings, the colours, the atmosphere, my mood, the fatigue of my eyes. Depends on my decision on a day.

It might be a "Pixel"-Day when I do love my eyes, my brain, my feeling, my being as a fellow man to be split, fragmented, partial, inconsistent because I think of it as a right of existence, freedom, agility (or mix it up with longings for something like that). It might be a "Narration"-Day when I do like to read looong essays and bulky books. It might be any other day and still I do not post.

Want to know why? Want to change your colour, your style, your logo, the melody of your answering machine (which is unfortunately not included in this site) in order to gain my confidence and participation? To make me - the tacitly user - to speak more often (actually to write more often)?

However I would not speak (or write). My participation is that of an undercover user. And my influence is strong enough, even underestimated, since I vote in another than an apparently way. And I am happy to be part of the community too. Thanks for your hospitality.

However I wrote. Because the colours are great and the babelfilter is funny, because exploration is suggested and there is a lot to read, because there seems to be lot of commitment, also some needs of agreement, contradictions, information, opinions, divinity.

Well, thanks so far.

Dead threads, red threads, asynchronous cycles | 1 comments

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