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[- Discordia's new editors
By TreborScholz, Section editors' corner
Posted on Thu Nov 27th, 2003 at 05:35:18 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
Discordia welcomes new editors--
Nat Muller, Jennifer Nigg, Janet Owen, Gabriel Pickard, Joseph Rabie, and Sophia Rawlinson.

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Discordia welcomes new editors--
Nat Muller, Jennifer Nigg, Janet Owen, Gabriel Pickard, Joseph Rabie, and Sophia Rawlinson.

Nat Muller (NL) is a free-lance writer, curator, producer, critic and delight-maker. She holds a BA from Tel-Aviv University (Israel) in English Literature and an MA in Queer and Gender Theory from Sussex University (UK). She has worked as a sex educator, bookshopkeeper, free-lance journalist and as project manager and curator at V2_Organisation , Institute for Unstable Media in Rotterdam, and Axis, Bureau for Gender and the Arts in Amsterdam for which in 2000 she edited the reader _Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender: Convergences of New Media, Art and Gender_. Nat has published articles in off- and online media, and has given presentations on the subject of media technology, art, and gender (inter)nationally. Currently she is a researcher at the Theory Department of the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, and an active member of the art&technology collective FoAM ( Her main interests include: user research in technological
environments, the creation of new public & participatory contexts, food and social communication, gender and technology, and Middle-Eastern politics.

Jennifer Nigg is an Austria-born, Vienna-based citizen of Liechtenstein who is familiar with sociology, psychology and art history. She loves outdoor-exercises and presently freelances in a virtual museum. If it comes to theory she enjoys Norbert Elias, Paul Virilio, Gilles Deleuze, Michel de Certeau, Ludwig Fleck, Bernhard Wagenfels, Clement Rosset, Slavoj Zizek, Jan Mukarovsky, Douglas Adams, Paul Eluard, and Cees Nooteboom. She speaks German, English, French and started to learn Spanish. Jennifer is interested in looking at dominant practices concerning art, media, everyday life and (with Michel de Certeau) discovering the tactics of resistance. She would like to operate with different styles of communication: one or a few sentences; words that don't necessarily form sentences; short essays; reports; questions that might be answered by Discordians or might lead to further questions. Communication in this context means to articulate experiences, questions, and ideas for the sake of exchange, encountering borders and learning how to deal with them.

Artist, curator, and writer Janet Owen is the Co-founder of the AIM international festival of time-based media, most recent curatorial projects include: 'Being Human, Becoming Something Else' at the Susquehanna Art Museum, and 'AIM on Sunset', (co-curated with Lynzie Baldwin) for the Sunset Strip video screens, LA. Most recently her writing has been included in "Kolibri" (Revolver, Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt/Main).

Gabriel Pickard is an activist and critical coder, based in Germany, who will be contributing to a wide variety of political and technical issues. He has been blogging his thoughts at

Joseph Rabie is the director of a multimedia services company called Magelis, in Toulouse, France, working for a wide range of clients (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Space Agency...). He also directs a new
publishing company called Galaxy Train, based in the Pyrenees Mountains, working in the field of interactive fiction and child education. Both companies function in accordance with a collegial model of work. Joe's personal artistic work is articulated around an interactive demo called the "Over My Dead Body" project, and interactive photography ("photographs, not
only sensitive to light, but also to the observer's scrutiny"). His interests include discourse as the source of civilized discord.

Sophia Rawlinson is a 22 year-old recent graduate of Goldsmith's College with a BSC (Hons) Multimedia Technology degree from the University of Essex and an MA in Interactive Media from the University of London. Her interests include investigating the possibilities of using new media to raise awareness of social issues, the broader issue of social software & software criticism, e-democracy, CD ROM development/publishing and curating new media. Sophia's skills include designing and developing interactive media products. Sophia currently does volunteer work at a youth charity in London.
She lives at:

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