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[- Why I Love the Power of New Technology (By Daoud Kuttab, posted by Trebor Scholz)
By TreborScholz, Section editors' corner
Posted on Thu May 8th, 2003 at 11:34:36 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME
Why I love the power of New Technology

I have been fascinated by what technology can do for advancing ideas and thoughts. In 1988 I was involved in a project to train Palestinians in using small format cameras to film their own lives.


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The project was so successful that we used the material in a documentary called Palestinian Diaries. One of the filmmakers from Nablus, Nazeh Darwazeh, became a regular cameraman for APTV and Palestine TV. He was killed last week while filming. I was heartbroken because I felt like I somehow caused his death.
In 1995 I helped establish an internet web site called which stands for Arabic Media Internet Network. The word amin in Arabic means truthful. The concept began with a premise that I say always that the Arab press is free in everything about Arabs except about the country where the publication resides. So what we wanted was use the Net to break the censorship on the borders that prevented people from finding out what was happening in their own country by reading the Arab press of their neighbouring Arab countries.
In 2000 I started another project, an independent Arab radio on the Internet. It sounds simple and normal in most countries, but in the Arab countries there are no independent and private radio stations (except Lebanon and Palestine). So the idea was to do something illegal (radio broadcasting) in a legal manner (Internet). We also used the fact that independent radio station in Palestine who could be heard in Jordan were willing to download our signal and broadcast it on their FM frequencies.
Now I am trying to use the free media zone in Jordan to broadcast via satellite our radio station signal. This will give us a wide audience base and allow us to broadcast live programs without the delay and the lack of consistency of the Internet live broadcasting.

[Edited by Trebor] I met Daoud at the Next5Minutes conference at New York University last December. He presented his radio projects, online and off. He asked me to post this for him on DISCORDIA. I have not been able to reach him via email since.

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Why I Love the Power of New Technology (By Daoud Kuttab, posted by Trebor Scholz) | 0 comments

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