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[- A weblog is not a mailing list
By Aileen, Section editors' corner
Posted on Fri Mar 19th, 2004 at 10:03:19 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
This may be quite obvious, but as discussions often seem to concentrate on whatever post is at the top of the front section, I would like to call attention to one of the differences again: what has been posted to Discordia stays here.


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This means that comments on "older" posts are also possible at any time. If you have a user account, you can use the "hotlist" (above the icon next to each story) to keep track of any new comments to stories you are interested in. You can also link to previous posts in a new post, if there are certain topics or ideas you would like to bring up again. I have a bad habit of cluttering up my mailbox with posts to various mailing lists that I never get around to responding to and ultimately just delete, and I suspect that I am probably not the only person who does that, so I hope that others may find this difference helpful as well.

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