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[- A fun internet story
By amy, Section editors' corner
Posted on Mon May 17th, 2004 at 09:23:23 AM EURODISCORDIA TIME
Maybe this has been all over the lists already... since I'm not hip enough to read lists these days I don't know ;-) . So, forgive me if you've already seen the one about the people on the net who scammed a net scammer. Anyway, I was just thinking about how much fun net art/activism/culture can be when you just do it naturally, without awareness of all the Certified Art and Cultural Work being done in a similar vein ... if you think about it, there's some familiar looking tactics in there...


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There's smart-mobbing, subversiveness, a prank, an art object, combined street and net action, and even some physically and legally risky activities thrown in. Although these people knew they were organizing on the net, that was a natural part of what they were doing: a means to an end, not an end to itself. They wanted to get the job done, not provide a context for discussion by media critics, visionaries and historians. The one thing missing is a Culturally Important Target. They went after the guy they were pissed at, thinking he might scam a few hundred or thousand other folks. And maybe that's the definition of "Think globally, act locally" after all.

Reading Aileen's comments about net activities without intended capital value made me think about that one. Come to think of it, posting a story with a link to Slashdot on a site like this one should qualify too - perhaps you folks will even send me a bill. ;-)

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