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Making books and meeting deadlines | 10 comments
[new] dis-embodiment and other dis-junctions (Avg. Score: none / Raters: 0) (#8)
by amy on Thu Jul 17th, 2003 at 10:06:38 PM EURODISCORDIA TIME
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Are you suggesting there might be a different way to do it? I still think ftp would probably be more efficient than sending e-mail attachments back and forth, but somehow that didn't really catch on - at least not among the people I work with.

actually, i just meant, as opposed to having to hand you their text in person, or perhaps even send it via postal mail.

I'm not sure about the feeling of being disembodied, either, since I often end up exchanging texts and comments about texts with people at odd hours, when it is clear that we are all still working in our respective geographical locations.

that is very true. i have found i spend a lot of my time working in email-volley collaborations with people in europe, 9 hours time difference from where i usually am. this seems to contribute (or perhaps be a symptom of?) to the fact that i live time-shifted from most of the people in my own time zone. i find myself getting somewhat irritated at morning meetings, appointments, or maintenance work in my apartment building. what??? dragging me out of bed at *this* hour??? don't they have any respect for people's work schedules? doesn't *everyone* work at 4 AM??? :-)

with all the focus on telecommuting, there seems to be little general comprehension of this type of activity. and if i tried to explain it, most people would call me a disembodied virtual geek, sucked into the computer at all hours of the night, disregarding the fact that there are other humans on the other end of the mails, and that actual work is taking place. ... is it more social to work alone?

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Making books and meeting deadlines | 10 comments


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